Pupils’ delight as they celebrate exam success

A level results day at Cromwell college 'Alice O'Shea, Jordan Gill and Niomi Gill
A level results day at Cromwell college 'Alice O'Shea, Jordan Gill and Niomi Gill

STUDENTS across Fenland were celebrating on Thursday with schools and colleges yet again announcing improved A-level results.

All the local schools enjoyed better successes than last year.

Neale Wade School A Level restults day'left to right Tom Searl, Ben Crowther, Rob Miller, Sarah Bannister, Danni Mason and Alex Austin

Neale Wade School A Level restults day'left to right Tom Searl, Ben Crowther, Rob Miller, Sarah Bannister, Danni Mason and Alex Austin

At March Neale-Wade Community College saw 50% of students gaining A-level passes with higher grades and 20% achieved an ‘A’ grade with two students attaining an A* grade. Every student was successful in passing A level examinations.

Year 12 students also produced pleasing results in AS-levels which will lay the foundation for future success at A2.

Tim Hitch, Principal: “I am pleased with the students’ results this year. I would like to congratulate all students, but especially: Rachel Roe (Mathematics A*, Biology A, Chemistry A and Further Mathematics A); Sarah Bannister (Chemistry A, Mathematics A and Biology B); Ben Crowther (Product design A, Geography A and History B); Thomas Searle (History A*, English language and literature A and government and politics B); Rebecca Jackson (Product design A, English language and literature B, Psychology B and Biology C) for their success at A2. Also congratulations to Linzi Dunham and Christopher Parsons each with 3As and a B at AS. Neale-Wade students have obtained places at a wide range of universities, with subjects ranging from drama and Media to mathematics and Chemistry. Twelve subjects gained 100% pass rates.”

Students studying with the Wisbech Partnership between the College of West Anglia’s Isle Campus and Thomas Clarkson Community College showed overall pass rate improvements. The A2 pass rate was up slightly at 94.2% at grades A-E with 46.2% achieving grades A-C.

The AS level results saw 80% pass at grades A-E, up some 13% on last year and a 32% achievement at grades A-C. The excellence of the partnership was also demonstrated by eight out of the 11 A2 subject areas achieving 100% pass rate.

Principal, David Pomfret, said: “We are immensely proud of our student’s achievements. They reflect both the hard work and commitment of our students and the high quality of teaching and learning in our college. I would like to congratulate all our students and staff on their success.

“We are also delighted with the 14 subjects that achieved a 100% pass rate, this, coupled with the majority of our A-level students attaining higher A to C grades, means that more of them will be accepted into their first choice college or university.”

Ged Roberts, Principal of Cromwell Community College, was equally delighted with results at the Chatteris school, with a pass rate of around 98.3% -slightly above the national average - and up by just over 1 per cent on last year.

Mr Roberts praised the dedication of staff and pupils and particularly congratulated Leilani Rabemananjara, who achieved 2A* and 2As and Alice Morris who attained A*, A and B.

High-flying students at Wisbech Grammar School notched up a record-breaking set of A-Level results with nearly half of the passes at A* and A – and three-quarters at the top three grades, A*, A and B.

Headmaster Nicholas Hammond said: “This year’s A-Level results are the best in Wisbech Grammar School’s history.

“With 48% of results being A* and A grades and 74% at A*, A and B, the vast majority of students will achieve places at their first choice university.

“There have been many fine individual performances and the 17 pupils who achieved three or more A*/A grades deserve particular congratulations.”

The county’s students have been praised for their hard work in this year’s A-level exams.

Early indications suggest results across Cambridgeshire’s schools have risen again – in common with the national picture.

A-level passes have risen for the 29th year in a row across the country as teenagers face an intense battle for university places.

Statistics released on Thursday show the overall pass rate is up slightly, but for the first time in 15 years there has been no increase in the total proportion getting A or A* grades.

Just over 27 per cent of entries scored these grades, with a small rise in the proportion awarded an A* grade.

Cllr David Harty, Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Learning said: “Early indications suggest Cambridgeshire students have excelled again - many beyond expectation. Well done to them all.”

Grammar School A2 results are as follows:

Emily Addington: B, C, EL**; Adam Al-Taher: D&T*, M*, P; Rose Ashby: A&D, B, EL; Samuel Austin: B, BS, G; Emma Barker: Ec, EL, A&DT**; Jack Bowlby: B, A&DG, PE; Sophie Brown: BS, A&DG, A&DT; Zac Brown: F, G*, H*; Hamish Burrows-McGill: D&T, G*, PE; Ryan Calleja: D&T, M, P; Tara Canning: BS, EL, G ;Louisa Caton: BS, FN, TS; Nicholas Clarke: B*, C*, P; Christopher Clements: B**, C**, M, P**; Rachel Coleman: BS*, G*, A&DT**; Saskia Cooper: B**, C**, A&DT**; Elizabeth Cunnington: B*, C*, G*; Matthew Ekins: M, Mu, MT, Sp; Jenna Else: BS, A&DG, ICT; Amy England: A&DG, A&DT*; Catherine England: B, G, Sp; Matthew Esser: B, H, PE**; Matthew Evans: C*, M*, P**; Vaughan Fisher: D&T, G*, H; James France: C*, M*, P*, Sp; Kieran Golding: B**, C*, P*; Simeon Grundy: B**, G*, P*: Andrew Hamilton; D&T*, EL, P; Timothy Harrington: C**, FM**, M**, P**; Jack Hastings: B**, D&T**, M*, P*; Charlotte Hay: B**, C**, P*; Emily Holt: EL, Gm, TS; Sebastian Hook: D&T, EL, TS; Catherine Horne: G**, Sp, TS; Oliver Ison: Ec*, G**, H*; Katharine Jacka: A&D*, B*, C, EL*; Bharthi Keshwara: Ec**, G*, M; Han Wei Lim: D&T*, M, P; Eleanor Mole: EL*, F, Gm*; Sarah O’Hare: B, A&DG*, PE**; Eleanor Overvoorde: C *, EL**, G**, TS*; Oliver Porter: BS, D&T, PE*; Sophie Prentis: B*, C, F*; Alistair Price: H, PE*; Connor Rand: EL*, G*, H**; Harriet Rosier: D&T, M*, A&DT*; Danielle Rowlands: EL, FN, M; Dominic Rusman: C**, Ec**, FM**, M**; Daniel Saberton: H*, Sp; Amy Seaton: EL, FN, G; Joshua Shippey: EL, MT, PE; Roma Stacey: BS, EL, A&DT*; Courtney Stribley: G*, M, P; Emily Syred: BS, A&DG*, A&DT*; Sammy-Jo Tawn: A&D**, A&DG**, Sp; Greg Thorpe: C, M, P; Katharine Treasure: C, Gm, M; Vincent Tsoi: B, C**, M*, P*; Victoria Turner: BS**, EL, H*; William Tysterman: Ec, FN*, G*; Polly West: A&D*, EL, FN*; Lucy Wiffen: Ec, G*, A&DT*; Genevieve Williams: BS, G, Gm; Lisa Williamson: EL, ICT, PE*; Victoria Wilson: BS*, FN, Gm.

Lower Sixth Form A-Level results: Guy France: M*; Georgina Hay: M*; Susanna Lemon: M; Alice Meekins: M*; James Plumb: M; Benjamin Retchless: M; Alice Wong: M.

AS results: Umarah Ali: C, EL, F, M; Emily Bell: BS, Ec, G, H; Jack Bingley: D&T, Ec, G, M; Alice Blyth: B, C; Hannah Booth: EL, G*, A&DG*, A&DT*; Madeleine Boulton: Ec, EL*, G*, ICT*; Harriet Brown: B, F*, Gm, Sp*; Jordan Burt: BS, EL; Francis Carruthers: B, D&T; Melody Cheung: Ec, EL, H, A&DT*; Harvey Clark: Co, Ec, M, P; Daniel Courten: B, C, G, P; Alex Culley: Co, Ec, M, P; Timothy Digby: B, C, G, P; Lucy Elderfield: A&D*, Ec, G*, P; Thomas Fowler: B, C, P; Guy France: EL, F, M*, P; Hannah Gedge: B, Ec, EL*, G*; Katie Glover-Leach: EL, G, H, PE*; Chelsie Golding: B, FN*, G*, PE*; Samuel Golding: D&T, G, A&DG; James Harriman: Ec, Gm*, H, Sp*; Georgina Hay: B*, C*, M *, P; Ciaran Hodkinson: B, G, Sp; Harley Hollis: D&T, PE; Nathan Hook: BS, D&T; Victoria Jordan: Ec, EL, G, Gm; Susanna Lemon: A&D*, F, M, P; Fiona Massen: B, G, H; Alice Meekins EL*, H, M*, A&DT*; Brad-Lewis Mortimer BS, D&T, A&DG; Charlotte Nichols: BS, D&T, EL, A&DG*; Alexandra Nicoll: EL, H; James Plumb: B, C, M*, P; Callum Price: BS, D&T; Benjamin Retchless: A&D*, D&T*, M, P; Polly Rosier: A&DG*, Ec, G*, H; Luke Skeels: A&DG; Shannon Slender: B, C, EL, G; Serena Smith: B, C, G; Benjamin Tarratt: G, H, PE; Christian Tawfick: A&DG; Kara Thorpe: Ec, H, M*, Sp; Emma Tigchelaar: EL*, A&D, Sp, A&DT*; Joshua Timms: C, B, P, Sp; Elle Titmarsh: BS, D&T, EL*, G; Georgina Wearing: B, C, M, P; Joe Wickison: C,D&T*, P; Alice Wong: Ec, G*, H, M*; Charlie Wright: A&DG, BS, D&T; Joshua York:B*, C*, H*, M*.

A&D-Art & Design; G-Geography; A&DG-Art & Design, Graphics; Gm-German; A&DT-Art & Design: Textiles; H-History; B-Biology; ICT-Information & Communication Technology; BS-Business Studies; M-Mathematics; C-Chemistry; MT-Music Technology; D&T-Design & Technology; Mu-Music; Ec-Economics; P-Physics; EL-English Literature; PE-Physical Education; F-French; Sp-Spanish; FM-Further Maths; TS-Theatre Studies; FN Food & Nutrition.