Pupils learn about internet safety

IF you go on the internet, make sure you’re safe while you do it.

This was the message for pupils at Friday Bridge Primary School during their Internet Safety Week.

Children from reception up to Year 6 learned about the potential risks posed online and what they can do to minimise those risks.

A valuable tool used by the school was a cyber cafe, on the Thinkuknow website which is run by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre. The cafe gives tips and advice on how to use the web safely and is very child-friendly.

“I feel safe in the cyber cafe,” Year 6 pupil Hannah said.

Youngsters now are very web-savvy, with most school-age children happily using the internet. However there is a lot of inappropriate material just a click away and headteacher Jayne Williams feels it is important for the children to know what to do.

After the exercises in school, pupils are now confident about it.

“If someone upsets you, you should tell a trusted adult,” said self-confessed “gamer” Krzysztof.

Krzysztof uses a Polish version of Facebook, called Naza Klaza, which has a child safety feature for 10 to 15-year-olds. He believes Facebook, which has a minimum age limit of 13, should do something similar, as the popular social networking site has many underage users.

Other Year 6 pupils have some top tips for young internet users.

Ami said make sure you have permission when sharing phone numbers with other people.

Brandon recommends never giving your real name and using a nickname.

Shania said: “Never arrange to meet up with people you meet online.”

• For more information about CEOP, go to www.ceop.police.uk