Roaring good fun during English Week at Orchards

Children's Librarian Louise Aldritch with the three new Junior Librarians at Orchards Primary School. ANL-140703-163111001
Children's Librarian Louise Aldritch with the three new Junior Librarians at Orchards Primary School. ANL-140703-163111001

Orchards Primary School in Wisbech has been a hive of activity.

This week, English leader Mrs White organised English Week around World Book Day with a roaring theme of Dragons.

They kicked off the week watching the film of Cressida Cowell’s book ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ on Friday afternoon, then Louise Aldridge, Children’s Librarian at Wisbech, talked to the children in assembly about all of the lovely books she would be reading to the children across the week in the school library, and introduced them to Cyril the Dragon.

The library was officially opened on Wednesday with a big welcome to all parents to join their children in the library to share a book.

As part of the assembly, Louise awarded the three new Junior Librarians their official badge.

Louise said: “I have had a wonderful couple of days in school. As a Librarian I was so pleased to present the new Junior Librarians with their special badges in assembly. I have also been delighted by how creative the children have been in talking about and designing dragons.”

To inspire the older children’s writing they participated in drama workshops led by Linda Ekins’ Drama and Performing Arts Group.

This is what the children had to say:

Luke, Year 6: “The production was fun to watch, and it really fitted with the English Week theme of dragons. The cast were spectacular and with no slip ups… it was perfect!”

Keira, Year 6: “The performance was great. I’m new to school and I’ve watched lots of plays, but this was brilliant, much better than the others.”

Jessica, Year 6: “I think English Week is brilliant because we get to learn about dragons. English week lets the little children learn more things and we wouldn’t learn about Dragons usually.”

Justina, experienced Junior Librarian: “Being Junior Librarian is a big responsibility. Every day as I show up in the library, the box is always filled up with books, which means a lot of children are reading and that makes me really happy, knowing that our hard work, time and effort, which we put into our library, is not being wasted.”

Charles, new Junior Librarian: “Being a Junior Librarian has been a privilege. As a Junior Librarian I help out Mrs Jones, the Librarian, by this I mean doing jobs like putting books on shelves, and running errands as well. I have not done anything like it before, but I would recommend it to all, even if you are not a book fanatic. Overall it is great fun and if you get the chance to be one, take it!”

Viktorija, new Junior Librarian: “When Miss called my name to come and be a Librarian I was so happy and nervous. It’s really fun to be a Librarian, because you get to know more about books and I like helping people.”

Megan, new Junior Librarian: “Being a Librarian is really good fun. After you have done your job for the day you feel really good as you have helped a lot of people.”