Scouts sign up in six languages

New Scout group at Orchards School
New Scout group at Orchards School

Scout promises were said in six different languages on Thursday afternoon as 50 young people and eight adults joined a new group in Wisbech.

They promised “to do their best” in English, Lithuanian, Roma, Polish, Latvian and Slovakian as the 2nd Wisbech Orchards group got underway.

The group was the idea of Orchards headteacher Nicola Parker, who asked if Scouting could be bought into the school.

She said: “It was absolutely fantastic as the group opened, seeing everybody involved not just talking about the new group but doing Scouting in the school.

“I’m thrilled because this fits with my vision to enhance the school curriculum with a broad range of after school clubs, which engage the children and create an exciting provision which is just not possible to fit into the school day.”

Year 4 teacher at Orchards, Nathan Cant, is one of the new Cub leaders and was excited to sign up. Scout leader John Cundy was also keen to get involved and said he knew it would be “something special”.

• For more information on joining Scouting, contact or call 0845-3001818.