Sense of community

STUDENTS at Wisbech Grammar School are encouraged to focus on a sense of community rather than on themselves, according to headmaster Nicholas Hammond.

Writing in the latest edition of the school magazine, ‘Riverline’, Mr Hammond said that at the heart of all the developments and achievements during the year there was a sense of community rather than a collection of individuals.

He wrote: “The combination of pupils, their parents and the staff is what makes our school such a special place. To concentrate on the individual is to lose sight of what goes on here.

“When bright and motivated students are put together they have the potential to achieve great things.”

While the school sought the full realisation of its pupils’ potential, an important element of the process was how the ‘I’ related to the rest of the community in the school and beyond.

Challenging a recent promotional campaign for the University of Birmingham’s School of Education, which said that it was ensuring that schools focused on the ‘I’ in ‘pupil’, Mr Hammond said: “Here, our focus will never simply be that of ‘I’: it will always be the I, the you and the whole.”