Soul mates prepare for European gathering

Picture:''Looking the part&students from the College of West Anglia with their special T-shirts  at a hotel in Bonn, Germany
Picture:''Looking the part&students from the College of West Anglia with their special T-shirts at a hotel in Bonn, Germany
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Students and staff from the College of West Anglia are pioneering links across Europe, with more than £100,000 of EU funding.

Already students have linked with colleges in Germany and the Netherlands.

And next year Emma Forrest-Leigh, visual and performing arts programme manager, will visit a similar college in Malta to look at the possibility of establishing educational links.

Driving forward the college’s European projects is Chris Challender, the college’s executive director partnership, which put it ahead of others in East Anglia.

Students from King’s Lynn are involved in a two-year project, Smart – Soul Mates In Art.

Next stage will be for seven students to travel to the Netherlands in December to plan how the art work relating to stereotyples, undertaken by 21 students, seven from each of colleges in Holland, Germany and King’s Lynn, will be exhibited.

Finally, the work will be put on show in a number of European countries, which all students will attend.

King’s Lynn students have spent time on work experience in Bonn, Germany, undertaking projects such as work in the advertising industry.

Only last year the college hosted a major conference on building educational and employment attended by three MEPs and numerous colleges from across the Eastern region.

The College of West Anglia (CWA), with campuses in King’s Lynn, Wisbech and Milton, Cambridge, is already leading the way in East Anglia on European partnerships.

As well as SMART it is also involved in SHIP – Social History In the Present – where it will work with colleges from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and France, with 175,000 Euros in funding having been granted from the EU.

In welcoming guests, College Principal David Pomfret said: “The purpose of today’s event is to promote an awareness of European opportunities to improve employability and skills in our region by improving teaching and learning for our young people.

“In the past three years we’ve developed a wide-ranging European programme, which has generated professional development placements for more than 30 members of staff and has enabled more than 120 students to actively engage with one or more of our 15 European partner colleges.”

He said the benefits were clear, raising motivation and aspiration levels for staff and students alike.

Colleges could learn from those abroad, including, for instance, a German apprenticeship schemes with a focus on employability.

The college’s own broadcasting site hosts a European channel where films and interviews can be accessed to view the work it is doing. Art and Design and Media students are hosting a four- week visit for a group of students who will experience the College of West Anglia’s timetable.

It is sending a group of students to Germany to do the same in February, fully-funded for four weeks.

Earlier this year Emma Forrest-Leigh and Tom Oldfield (Euro Co-ordinator) and academic staff from colleges here and in Bonn went to meet in Bonn.

It was a conference to plan the project and how it would enrich the students creative learning journey.

If you are thinking of applying for a place on one of its Performing Arts courses at King’s Lynn, you may be able to travel fully funded on one of these projects.

Picture: Looking the part - students from the College of West Anglia with their special T-shirts

at a hotel in Bonn, Germany