Students celebrate success and praise staff

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Students who received awards at the counselling course at the Isle Campus at were full of praise for the support they had been given by staff.

An awards evening at the campus was attended by many of the students who said they enjoyed the event and said how lovely it had been and not to just receive their certificates in the post.

Programme manager Margaret Goman spoke about the high level and calibre of the learning that had happened and this also referred to the excellent report from the External moderator.

She had praised both Denise Daughty and Graham Chaters for their commitment and dedication to both the Level 2 and level 3 counselling courses.

Denise said how well the course had gone and what a great bunch of students they had.

They had been very supportive of one another and had grown and learned from one another too. Students had throughout the course experienced a range of personal ups and downs and this made quite an impact on their learning and enhanced their experience.

The students praised staff for their support and for believing in them and their ability when they doubted themselves, and for being so supportive to their learning throughout. The overall comments of the students were that they had enjoyed their courses and were in many ways sad that they had come to an end. One even said she felt she was a better person for having met staff and done the course and would certainly recommend it to others even if they weren’t thinking of taking it any further, but that it had taught them the importance of listening and listening properly.

Several students from the level 2 course are planning to start the level 3 course which started on September 26 at Isle, one has gone onto a diploma course in Norwich. Some have committed themselves to a distance learning course as well.