Students have lots of bottle

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ENTERPRISING students from Wisbech Grammar School have teamed with Elgood and Sons Ltd North Brink brewery to further their ambitions in the Young Enterprise competition.

The Chameleon company of 20 Lower Sixth formers has recently secured a deal with the family brewery for a large quantity of its bottles.

These are recycled into new products by being filled with wax and given a wick and turned into candles bearing the Elgood’s label.

The students are also using the brewery’s drinks coasters which they dip in resin to give them a longer life.

The deal follows on from a number of recent successes for the team, which has won awards at recent trade fairs, including a trophy for the best trade stand at Huntingdon trade fair.

The team has been frequently commended on the innovation and originality of its items, all of which are handmade from recycled products.

This also includes jewellery made from recycled board game pieces.

Chameleon hopes this deal will hold the team in good stead for the regional Young Enterprise competition on March 23 at Perkins Leisure Centre in Peterborough.