Technology at home

Nene School tablets
Nene School tablets

Just before the Christmas break, Year 6 pupils at Wisbech’s Nene Infant and Nursery School and Ramnoth Junior School (Federated as part of the Elliot Foundation Trust Academy group) were given an early present to help with a number of areas of learning.

Seven-inch tablets were handed to each pupil with an aim to further improve attainment and achievement within school and at home.

Giving the pupils the tablets to take home over the Christmas break allows them to access learning skill games and apps to keep their eager minds keen and involve their families and friends in sharing their learning journey.

Pupil Alex Gallagher said: “I really like using the tablet, it’s a lot of fun.” Maia Butterfield said: “It’s amazing to have tablets to use in school.”

Another pupil, Anton Macnab, added: “I think it is an excellent way to get everyone to learn.” Bethany Reach said: “It is going to be cool to have a way to keep learning over the Christmas break” and Alex Bush said: “The tablets are really interesting, lots of different apps to use.”

“To ensure that no pupil was left out, every student is going to be given a tablet and through accessible technology we look forward to seeing excellent results for them while also ensuring that education can be delivered in a more involving and interactive way.

“With apps aimed at math skills, artistic creativity and literature the pupils will be able to access learning away from the school site, with family, as well as use them in school to complement the existing improvements within the schools themselves,” said Nathan Smith, Foundation Governor at The Nene Infant and Ramnoth Junior School Federation.