Top title for teenaged thinker

Kieran Golding
Kieran Golding

A CAREFULLY crafted response to a classic question has earnt global recognition for a past pupil of Wisbech Grammar School.

Kieran Golding (19), who completed his A-Level examinations in the summer, entered the United States-based Kids Philosophy Slam while a member of the school’s philosophy club and he has won the title of 2011 international winner for his 500-word essay on the set question, ‘Does the end justify the means?’.

The Leverington teenager, who is currently applying to read medicine at university, argued both sides of the case and, rather than answering the question, he broke it down and expressed it in a different kind of way.

He argued that there are two conflicting systems when people think. On one side is selfishness, which means prioritising your own needs, and the other side involves upholding the social agreement – and selfishness is the dominant feature if the end justifies the means.

Kieran said that he had enjoyed being a member of the club and he had found that it is possible to continue the interest and apply it in your everyday life.

In addition to reading books on philosophy he had regularly watched the BBC 1 programme, ‘The big question’, on Sundays and he had been a member of the audience when it had been filmed in Peterborough on several occasions.

Headmaster Mr Nicholas Hammond, who runs the philosophy club, said: “I think it is a fantastic individual achievement for Kieran and it is really important that students have the opportunity to engage with philosophy at school rather than it simply being the preserve of universities.”