Emergency sewer repairs to cause weekend disruption

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Anglian Water has apologised to customers in the Creek Road area of March who have being affected by ongoing emergency sewer repairs since yesterday (Thursday).

A section of Creek Road, at the junction with Riverdown – near to the railway crossing – has been closed to allow work to repair two bursts on sewer main to be carried out.

A diversion route is clearly signposted.

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “We are sorry for the impact our important repair work is having on customers in the local area, particularly that caused by tanker movements and road closures.

“We know that having tankers coming and going regularly throughout the day and night is very disruptive and we’re sorry for that. However, these tankers are playing a vital role by preventing sewage flooding and making sure homes don’t lose their toilet facilities.

“Regrettably, at this stage in the repair, it looks like tankers will be needed throughout the weekend. Letters have been delivered to homes in the local area to update them of the situation.

“Our engineers are working hard to fix the problems as quickly as possible, as well as investigating other options which would help reduce the need for tankers, especially over night.

“Once again, we are sorry for the disruption that this will cause and I can assure customers that we will be working round the clock to finish this emergency work as soon as we can.”