Employees rally to help Liam

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THE nephew of a Wisbech Ferry Project employee who is battling a brain tumour has been presented with £2,000 and a games system.

Luminus employees rallied around to raise cash for Liam Pridmore (11), from Peterborough, who is the nephew of employee Sue Cole.

Luminus Group chief executive Chan Abraham also promised to personally match his staff’s donations, pound for pound.

The £2000 was presented to Liam at the Luminus Conference, along with a brand new Nintendo 3DS game system.

Liam said he really enjoyed being at Luminus, adding that his proudest moment was not receiving the Nintendo 3DS, but sitting in Mr Abraham’s office chair and being Group Chief Executive for 10 minutes.

Chan Abraham said: “In 2011, our year of Rescuing Dreams and Reviving Aspirations, it is wonderful to see the Luminus family respond with such warmth and enthusiasm to help Liam realise his dreams.

“Liam and his family are in our thoughts and prayers and we are standing with them as they progress with his treatment.”