Chance to be part of local natural history

Pipistrelle bat
Pipistrelle bat
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Volunteer to help rewrite our understanding of bats in the county. WWT Welney Wetland Centre and The Norfolk Bat Survey would like to give anyone in West Norfolk a unique opportunity to find out which bat species are in their local area.

To get a thorough picture of Norfolk’s bat species, Norfolk Bat Survey has set up a number of ‘Bat Monitoring Centres’ across the county. From these centres, volunteers can borrow equipment for a few days and help collect valuable data which will form an important part of the survey. The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust at Welney is one such site and this corner of the county, where there are far fewer people than in other areas of Norfolk, is in particular need of your help.

To carry out this survey on a local patch, volunteers will require three different points, ideally at least 200-metres apart, to be surveyed on consecutive nights within a 1km square.

Leigh Marshall, Centre Manager for WWT Welney Wetland Centre, said: “We are particularly looking forward to seeing what people manage to discover in this area as the Fens provides a fantastic habitat for a diverse range of species. ”

If you are interested in taking part in the survey you need to be quick in expressing interest, and reserving your 1km square to survey at the online survey map After selecting a 1km square, you will be given a web link to a site where you can reserve a detector to use from WWT Welney Wetland Centre.

To find out more before volunteering here are two events at Welney including an evening safari, 6-8pm on Friday May 17.