Clear out your unwanted paint

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Householders in Wisbech are being urged to give their spring clean a boost to mark Crown Paints’ partnership with Climate Week.

Crown recently launched ‘Kick Out The Can’ a two week recycling programme, which started at the beginning of Climate Week on 4 March, to mark its support for the environmental initiative.

The recycling scheme is due to come to a close and householders now have until Saturday, March 16 to clear out their sheds and cupboards of unwanted paint by taking the containers and tins back to their local Crown Decorating Centre, located on Queen Street.

The paint will be processed and then donated for community projects - and the leftover plastic and metal paint containers will also be reprocessed and recycled.

Mark Lloyd, Crown Paints’ Sustainability Manager, said: “We’ve had a fantastic response to this campaign so far and we would urge householders to take advantage of the opportunity to take their surplus paint back to their local Crown Decorating Centre and put it to a great cause, before the scheme ends.

“Statistics show that there are approximately 54 million litres of paint unused in homes across the UK, enough to fill approximately 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools – so there is plenty to go at.

“Our scheme gives householders a useful opportunity to give their spring clean a boost, and to ensure their old paint, as well as the containers and tins are transformed - ultimately helping communities through the donation of recycled paint products.”

Crown Paints’ partner, the regeneration charity Groundwork, will be distributing the recycled paint to worthy causes nationwide. The donations are being managed by Groundwork Pennine Lancashire, who Crown Paints have worked closely with on a wide-range of sustainability projects.