Firework tests

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NORFOLK County Council Trading Standards Officers are teaming up with young people under the age of 18 to carry out test purchasing work that will check whether Norfolk retailers are upholding the law regarding firework sales.

Using young people who are not yet the legal age to purchase certain age restricted products is an effective tactic that Trading Standards use to check if retailers are complying with the law.

A retailer selling to someone underage can face a fine of as much as £5000 from the courts.

Sales of fireworks to minors (under 18) has been linked to an increase in anti-social behaviour in some areas of the UK and Trading Standards Officers are keen to ensure that retailers recognise the responsible role they can play in their community by upholding the law regarding firework sales.

Ann Jackson, Norfolk County Council Senior Trading Standards Officer, said: “We urge all retailers across the county who sell fireworks to challenge the age of the customer by asking for identification.

If appropriate identification cannot be produced then a retailer should refuse to sell the product.”

Norfolk County Council Trading Standards is also keen to recruit new volunteers between the age of 14 and 16 for test purchasing work. Anyone interested should call 0344 8008020.