Harsher fly-tipping fines welcomed by CLA East, but more needs to be done to protect landowners

Fly tipping
Fly tipping

The announcement of harsher fines for people caught fly tipping has been described as “long overdue” by CLA East.

The new guidelines have been set out by the Sentencing Council, which said it wanted magistrates to make more use of the “highest levels of fines”.

Heavier fines may be handed out for all types of fly-tipping, “whether this is a company tipping a lorry-load of used tyres in a field or a householder dumping an old mattress in an alleyway” the Council said.

The new guidelines will be used in courts from 1 July.

CLA East Regional Surveyor Tim Woodward said: “This is long overdue, and it may deter some, but people will continue to do this and more needs to be done to tackle this.

“It does not, of course, deal with the problems faced by landowners in dealing with fly-tipped rubbish on their land, which is our main concern.

“On average, it costs the landowner around £800 to clear up each incidence of non-toxic fly-tipped waste on their land. And there is the potential for landowners to be prosecuted purely because they have not removed waste tipped on their land.

“Although we would like to see waste taken to local tips free of charge, we understand this is unlikely without a change in policy. There must be a long-term sustainable solution.”

CLA East is seeking evidence of fly-tipping that has taken place across the region. Photographs of the result, with details of date, location and any further information you would like to share can be emailed to east@cla.org.uk once you have reported it to the Police.