Horsefair’s green efforts

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SINCE 2010 the Horsefair Shopping Centre at Wisbech has embarked on a series of initiatives to help improve its overall energy consumption.

The first process to be put in place was water reduction in the centre’s toilets. Each week an average of 5000 shoppers and visitors used the facilities in 2010, which equated to an annual water usage of 3273 cubic meters.

To reduce this consumption, the centre installed a movement sensor in the gent’s urinal trough, which only flushed when triggered, along with smaller cisterns for the cubicles in the ladies and gents. This reduced the centre’s average annual consumption for 2011 to 1248 cubic meters.

During 2010 it was highlighted that the lighting levels within the ground floor of the car park were no longer compliant to health and safety standards. The Horsefair took this as an opportunity to upgrade all of the centre’s lighting to a more energy efficient system that provided the additional lighting levels needed whilst reducing electric consumption.

The centre’s annual electric consumption for 2010/11 was 106,550 units and following the installation of the new lighting system the annual consumption for 2011/12 fell to 86,922 units.

In addition the centre’s cycle shelter was upgraded in 2011 to offer 36 spaces helping the centre to promote greener forms of transport to shoppers and staff. This project was funded 50/50 by the centre and the local council and has proved successful with many of the spaces used on a daily basis.

Horsefair manager, Kevin Smith said: “These are quite significant reductions for the centre. Energy saving is high on our list of priorities and we will continue looking for new and innovative ways to reduce the centre’s carbon footprint.

“We’re also looking to enter the Green Organisation’s Green apple Award to highlight the positive changes the centre has made.”