Keep warm in winter

During the winter months, some people may be more at risk of poorer health than others. Cold weather can be dangerous for people who are frailer, have an on-going illness, and especially for people with heart or breathing problems.

Across Cambridgeshire we have services and support available for you to help yourself and your family stay warm and well during winter. This includes everything from energy information, room thermometers, grants, shopping services if you are unable to get out and electric blanket testing.

To find out more information for you, your family or your neighbours please call the Care Network on 01223 714 452 or email:

Here are some tips to share with your family and friends to help keep them warm and safe during winter:

1. Heat your home well. Set your temperature to 21c during the day and 18c at night, you can keep your home warm and your bills as low as possible

2. Get financial advice, you may be able to get extra support.

3. Eat well. Food is a vital source of energy.

4. Get a flu jab. You can get a free jab from your GP to protect against seasonal flu if you are over 65, have a long-term health condition or are pregnant.

5. Look after yourself and check on neighbours or relatives.

6. Have your heating and cooking appliances checked. Carbon monoxide is a killer.