MP speaks on Fen turbines

FENLAND MP Steve Barclay has added his voice to the wind turbine debate speaking in Parliament on behalf of campaigners concerned about the increase in on-shore turbines.

Mr Barclay singled out the legally binding agreement in 2009 which commits the UK to a massive hike in the number of on-shore wind turbines. In response to earlier Parliamentary questions ahead of the debate, Mr Barclay confirmed that the Department of Energy and Climate Change committed the UK to an extra 10,000 on-shore wind turbines by 2020.

Mr Barclay said: “There is real concern in Fenland at the impact on our unique landscape which is being undermined by the number and location of wind turbines. There are already 43 on-shore wind turbines in Fenland and a further 12 in the planning permission process. The existing wind turbines provide renewable energy for the equivalent of 40,000 homes when Fenland, as a whole has 41,800 homes as at 2008. It is time other parts of the country, in particular metropolitan areas and cities, make their contribution to renewable energy targets and stop passing the buck to places like North East Cambridgeshire.”

Mr Barclay is also challenging Ministers over why the funding for on-shore and off-shore wind turbines and even solar power are so much higher than the funding available for tidal energy, given that the United Kingdom is an island nation and tidal energy could also offer great business potential with exports around the world.

Mr Barclay is a supporter of the Fenrats Campaign who are opposing the 12 additional on-shore wind turbines currently before the planning inspector and said he will continue to put their case in Westminster and in private meetings with Ministers.