Onion plans leave a nasty smell

NEIGHBOURS living within yards of a proposed new onion processing plant in Emneth fear they could be forced to live with smell pollution if it goes ahead.

Ernest Peachey of Outwell Road has already lodged his objections to the proposal by Anglia Growers plan to create the plant at Everglens on Outwell Road and is urging others to do the same.

He said the first he knew of the application was when he was speaking to someone at the site.

“I contacted Fenland Council to find out more and was told by someone there that letters had been sent out to some neighbours but because we come under West Norfolk and they didn’t know our addresses we hadn’t been sent one,” said Mr Peachey.

He lives directly opposite the proposed site and fears the smell of onions will plague the surrounding area.

“The wind seems to come from that direction most of the time and it will blow the smell across my property and into the village. It will absolutely stink. This is not the right place for something like this,” he added.

A spokesman for Fenland Council said since being contacted by Mr Peachey he had been sent a letter detailing the application and explaining how to object.

The spokesman, who pointed out county boundaries cause problems when consulting on planning applications, said letters would be hand delivered to other properties in the area when officers go out for a site visit.