Rights of way

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CAMBS County Council’s Rights of Way Team is reminding farmers of their duty to ensure that footpaths and other rights of way are kept clear so users can get out and about to enjoy the Cambridgeshire Countryside.

Dry conditions earlier in the year made it difficult to mark paths after cultivation and drought conditions delayed the growth of some crops, but warm conditions during November have encouraged healthy crop growth and in some places routes have become obscured by winter cereals.

Farmers are being urged to ensure that all paths are kept clear to help keep users on the straight and narrow and ensure they are not scattered across the countryside by using unauthorised routes.

The Rights of Way Team can provide accurate maps and details of recorded routes and also waymarkers to enable farmers to clearly mark the exact route of paths and to help avoid unintended trespass.

County Council Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, Councillor Steve Criswell, said: “Clear and clearly marked paths will help keep path users on the straight and (not too) narrow when they are out and about taking healthy exercise to walk off the excess this Christmas.”