Something fishy going on?

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RESIDENTS in Norfolk are being warned to be on their guard after Norfolk County Council Trading Standards service received reports of traders calling at homes attempting to sell what is believed to be sub-standard fish.

Trading Standards Officers have received reports that traders have called particularly at homes owned by more vulnerable members of the community, arriving in an unbranded white non-refrigerated van.

They are reported to have been using high pressure sales tactics - with Trading Standards Officers having doubts about the quality of the fish being offered, whether the type of fish is as claimed, and whether it has been appropriately stored.

Steven Reilly, spokesman for Norfolk County Council Trading Standards, said: “These traders appear to be targeting elderly members of the community and using high pressure sales tactics on their doorstep to try and sell fish that we suspect is worth less than the prices they are quoting.

“We also have doubts about whether the fish is indeed the type they suggest it is and also whether it has been appropriately stored.

“If residents are visited by these traders we suggest that they do not buy from them or perhaps consider not even opening the door to them.

“We have many reputable sellers of fish in Norfolk - where you can be sure of the type and quality of the fish you are buying and they are undoubtedly a better option than someone who arrives unannounced on your doorstep.”