Teen fights back against flytippers

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A COLDHAM teenager is waging a campaign against flytipping that has been going on for years around the hamlet.

Ashley Lawrence (19) has lived in Coldham for the past 11 years and said people have been dumping rubbish at the sides of Station Road and Graysmoor Road for many years.

Despite repeated attempts by Ashley to get the rubbish cleared up, he has been left frustrated by the lack of results.

“When I was younger, I would play there all the time, but I don’t go out there any more. It makes you want to stay in. My little sister doesn’t go out either. It’s ruining her fun as well.

“Living out here, you want to enjoy the views but seeing all that rubbish just ruins it.”

He added a lot of the rubbish was in the dykes at the sides of the road, which is not good for the drainage.

“I’m going to start driving soon, but the rubbish goes over the road. I don’t want to be driving through that.”

Another concern for Ashley are knives being left by the side of fields by farm workers. Just last week, he was walking with his eight-year-old sister Kaci when she tripped over. Nearby he saw a knife on the ground that Kaci had luckily missed when she fell.

The rubbish is on Co-operative Farm land and assistant farm manager, Tom Paybody, said it was a real problem for them that is getting worse, particularly off Graysmoor Road.

He said: “We have to get it out of the drains, so obviously there is a cost to that. It is up to us to clear it up. And of course, it is incredibly frustrating when more rubbish is dumped.”

Mr Paybody added while they try to clear the rubbish, they have to run the farm as well and there is a limit to what they can do.

A spokesperson from Fenland District Council said: “Flytipping in Fenland has fallen year on year for the last five years.

“It is understandable that local people get upset when they see the inconsiderate behaviour of a minority blighting the environment for the majority, especially when it is not difficult for individuals or businesses to dispose of waste legally.

“The Household Waste Recycling Centres are provided by the County Council for the use of domestic properties only and hence will not take materials of a commercial origin, such as tyres.

“One important thing that we can all do is never allow waste to be taken from our homes or businesses unless we are absolutely sure of where it is going - this is our responsibility. Certainly never allow anyone to take waste who is ‘cold calling’.

“Always be sure of who takes your waste and where it is going by contracting a registered and recognised waste carrier.”