Valuing water video to inspire others to have their say in consultation

From farmers and fishermen to beer brewers and bath-lovers, everyone has different reasons to love water – and the Environment Agency wants to hear from them all for a consultation on water quality in the East of England.

Last week, the organisation launched its ‘Challenges and Choices’ consultation to help them to identify issues facing rivers and lakes in the area between now and 2021.

The results will influence the Environment Agency’s policies for the area’s waterways, which are known as the Anglian River Basin District (which is home to 7.1 million people as well as countless animals and plants).

To mark the start of the consultation, the Environment Agency travelled around the area interviewing people from all kinds of backgrounds about why they value water.

The resulting video is a whistle-stop tour of the East of England that shows how many people are affected by the Environment Agency’s consultation.

Toby Willison, the organisation’s regional director, said: “There are challenges in protecting and improving the water environment, and choices to be made.

“We want to make sure everyone has the chance to contribute to improving water quality as we can’t do it alone.

“By working together we can develop and put into practice the best solutions for the water environment.”

The consultation launched on 22 June and closes on 22 December 2013.To have your say visit:

To watch the video visit