What comes out in the wash in Cambridgeshire

CAMBRIDGESHIRE Euro MP Richard Howitt has taken a stand against harmful chemicals in detergents that can potentially cause huge damage to rivers and lakes.

Labour’s Richard Howitt MEP voted last week in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to pass a law restricting the use of potentially harmful chemicals in detergents and washing powders.

The use of phosphates in cleaning products that are subsequently flushed or washed away have been linked to excessive algae growth in lakes, rivers and streams, killing fish and other marine animals.

Richard Howitt MEP said: “I voted for tough restrictions on the amount of phosphates that can be used in washing powder and dishwasher detergents.

“If these hazardous chemicals get into the environment, there is a risk of pollution to freshwater that poses real dangers to plant and animal life.

“I don’t want to see Cambridgeshire’s beautiful countryside marred by pollution and I don’t want harmful chemicals flowing into the Cam, the Nene, the Great Ouse or any of Cambridgeshire’s other waterways.”