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Extend the 30mph speed limit

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I read with interest your article “Safer speed limit in Wimblington Road” (Fenland Citizen, March 4).

Why is it that Cambridgeshire Constabulary always seem to be opposed to, or have reservations about, the introduction of speed limits?

Does it mean they can’t use their vehicles for collecting takeaway meals for their colleagues, because they are checking on road users?

Jaundiced view, I know, but the police need to get their collective head around ‘prevention is always the better option’.

I seem to remember they had the same reservations about the introduction of a 50mph speed limit on Forty Foot Bank, yet that road is so much safer to use these days.

Anyway, back to the point I wanted to make in writing to you. Several times I have commented to my partner on the stupidity of the maximum limit sign for vehicles using the first half mile or so of Wimblington Road in March.

I have entered this stretch of road many times, only to find someone overtaking me within metres of the Mill Hill Roundabout, travelling well in excess of even the maximum speed limit, with their engine screaming in protest.

There is no rational reason why this road has the maximum speed limit in place, especially when the speed restriction of 30mph in March Road, Wimblington, opposite is taken into account.

I’d go further with my proposal, though, and say as has been done in much of Wimblington, a speed limit of 30mph should be implemented along the whole of the length of Wimblington Road, from the Mill Hill Roundabout to the present 30mph marker in The Avenue.

Not least, this will act to make entry and exit for the Neale Wade complex safer for students and other road users.

Similarly, the news that the equally daft 40mph limit in Wisbech Road to the north of the town is to be reduced can only be for the good. A while ago now, we witnessed an ‘accident’ on this particular stretch of road, when a motorist tried to overtake a line of standing traffic, side swiped a car turning right and ended up in a resident’s front garden.

I understand this particular nut case was returning from taking his driving test!

When will the relevant powers learn that speeding vehicles and pedestrians don’t mix in residential areas?

Do we always have to see people killed and maimed before the shiny a***s responsible get off their backside and act to protect all road users?

Terry Schooling,



How about a reunion?

It pleases me to see cycling so much in the news today for, in my opinion, the cycle is the most efficient, environmentally friendly, machine thus far invented by mankind.

Following the Second World War, cycling boomed to huge proportions with leisure cycling predominating.

In 1949, two schoolboy/girl cycling groups and what remained of the March section of the Cyclists Touring Club, all met by accident on the outskirts of St Ives.

It was quickly decided to form one large club from the three and so, at the age of 15, along with a number of my peers, I found myself a founder member of March Wheelers Cycling Club.

We were joined by members from Chatteris, Manea, Wimblington, Doddington and other villages. We also had a good rapport with other clubs, particulary Wisbech and Peterborough.

They were good days of innocent fun when a Sunday ride might well be in excess of 120 miles (round trip) undertaken by youngsters still at school or who had just left.

All this on off-the-peg cycles plus swimming and football in between the ride out and ride back.

I organised a reunion in 2003, which was quite successful and intended another in 2009 to mark the 60th. Perhaps it is time for a final reunion while some of us remain. Anyone else interested in cycling would be welcome. I can be called on 01354 656094.

Brian Gowler,



Ape them

I have just watched a documentary about Bonobo Apes, which live in the Congo.

Unlike humans, these charming little creatures do not fight amongst themselves or make war on other animals.

They are totally vegetarian and, more remarkably, it is the FEMALES which rule. Perhaps the human race should follow their example.

Maddy Forster,


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