Face your Fears

DURING ‘Face your Fears’ Fundraising Week from 16th to 23rd October 2011, Changing Faces is challenging everyone around the UK to face their own fears to make sure that people with disfigurements receive the help, advice and support they need to live confident and happy lives.

One million (1.3m) people in the UK have a significant disfiguring condition affecting their face or body. That’s more than one in every 50 people.

James Partridge, CEO of Changing Faces, said “People who have an unusual-looking appearance often fear social situations and find it hard to deal with the staring, comments and questions from other people. They worry that they won’t be able to get a job, get married or even be happy with the way they are. People who look ‘normal’ may have their own fears about how to respond to people who look different. Changing Faces helps everyone to confront and manage these fears.”

Jan Ravens, comedienne and Patron of Changing Faces, will launch the fundraising week at a London event where people can come face to face with spiders and snakes.

She added: “‘A life lived in fear is a life half lived.’ So goes the quote from the inspiring film Strictly Ballroom. How many of us have missed out on experiences and opportunities in life because of our fears and insecurities?

“This fundraising week is a great chance to celebrate some of the Changing Faces folk I have met who face their fears on a daily basis; and to spread the word about the vital work they are doing. Not only in giving those with unusual appearance the confidence to face the world and achieve their goals; but in reminding the rest of us that difference is nothing to be afraid of. Plus I am going to get up close and personal with some spiders and snakes. Wah!”

Other celebrities lending their support to the ‘Face your Fears’ week include, Rory Bremner, Chris Hollins, Arabella Weir and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Members of the public can receive a ‘Face your Fears’ fundraising pack to do their own thing or organise an event in their area, from confronting spiders and tackling heights to public speaking and deep water.

Further information can be found at www.faceyourfears.org.uk