Fake designer clothes help the homeless

Fake designer clothing seized by Cambridgeshire Trading Standards officers has been donated to homeless people in the county.

Thousands of pieces of clothing, fashion and music items worth around £10,000, seized in raids across Cambridgeshire, have been donated to Wintercomfort thanks to a link up between Trading Standards and the His Church Charity.

The items, which had they been genuine would have been worth in the region of £50,000, were seized in raids on fraudulent traders operating in Cambridgeshire. The seized items will be given to the His Church Charity where the clothing will be re-branded with the charity’s logo before being handed over to good causes.

The latest beneficiary was Wintercomfort which supports homeless people or those who are in danger of becoming homeless.

County Council Trading Standards Officer Kirsty Draycott, said: “It is great that these seized items can go to good use rather than being destroyed. This is a fantastic partnership between the Council and His Church charity which means everyone wins.”

In the past items seized by Trading Standards were either destroyed or sent to landfill for disposal.

Christine Wyld from His Church, said: “Cambridgeshire Trading Standards provide an amazing service to local businesses and individuals in the county, ensuring safety and protection by removing counterfeit goods from the streets. His Church are delighted to return new, quality, rebranded clothing to the county by supporting Wintercomfort for the Homeless. The clothing helps restore dignity to people at a time when they are in need of care and support.”

Sarah Halls, from Wintercomfort, added: “Wintercomfort is very grateful for the clothing donation from His Church. We have seen a 20% increase in demand for our welfare services in the last 6 months and this means that the need for warm clothing in a variety of sizes has increased as well. This donation will make a big difference to so many people who are rough sleeping or vulnerably housed.”