Family hits out at thief who stole flowers from grave

AN Upwell woman has slammed the callous thief who took a bouquet of flowers from her mother’s grave.

Bev Housden was horrified to discover that the large bouquet left on the grave of Joyce Cousins had vanished, only days after being placed.

The flowers were put there by Bev’s granddaughter Lauren, who had travelled to Upwell specially.

Bev said: “I was away on holiday at the time but my dad went down to the cemetery the next day on his mobility scooter. He said the flowers looked lovely – they were a big bunch of roses and lilies. He was really pleased that Lauren had taken the time to go down there.”

When Bev went by the cemetery just days later, just the vase remained. She said she had a quick look around to see if they had been put on someone else’s grave by accident, but there was no sign of the flowers.

Bev said: “It’s so disrespectful. Shame on you for doing it.”

A spokesperson for West Norfolk Borough Council said there had been no other reports of incidents at Upwell cemetery, so this appeared to be an isolated incident.