Farewell to fantastic fundraiser Heather

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A FUNDRAISER who helped to raise almost £24,000 for Three Holes playing field and village hall has stepped down after 28 years.

Heather Chapman’s husband John set up the monthly draw to raise funds for the football team initially. Over time, the couple raised funds for the playing field, which resulted in the field being purchased and improvements being made, such as a pavilion and toilets.

Following the amalgamation of the playing field and village hall committees, the profits now go jointly to both.

Sadly, John died around five years but Heather continued to fundraise. Now she has decided to call it a day.

“It’s a bit sad but as time goes on, you realise you have got to stand down and let someone younger do it.

“I’m very proud of what we managed to accomplish,” Heather said.

Totting up what Heather and John have raised over the years, it comes to a massive £23,800, or £835 per year.

Heather was presented with an envelope of thanks by committee chairman Ryan Reader and Sally Elmer, who has taken over from Heather in addition to her role as treasurer.

Anyone who is interested in joining the 200 Club can contact Sally on 01945-773418.