Farmer creates pumpkin magic for Disneyland Paris

David Bowman with some of his Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins
David Bowman with some of his Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins
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A LINCOLNSHIRE farmer has become the exclusive pumpkin grower for Disneyland Paris after creating the park’s first-ever crop of Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkins. The pumpkins are currently on display at Disneyland Paris for guests to enjoy as part of the park’s Halloween Festival this weekend.

David Bowman, Europe’s largest pumpkin grower from Spalding, was appointed by Disneyland Paris earlier this year and since May he has been working hard to ensure that the pumpkins grow perfectly, to be included in the park’s Halloween decorations.

David says: “I have grown many varieties in my time but this is a pumpkin first for me. We’ve had a few challenges because of the bad summer this year but we’ve grown a good Mickey crop. They’ve turned out well but because they are such an unusual shape, people think they’re fake! It’s great that the rest of the world will now get to enjoy them at Disneyland Paris.”

David has been working in the pumpkin business for 40 years and during his career he has grown a wide selection of pumpkins. However, this is the first time he has be asked to grow custom-shaped pumpkins.

The distinctive Mickey Mouse silhouette was achieved using a specially-designed mould which was fitted to the pumpkins in the early stages of growth. The pumpkins grew until they filled the moulds, and were then left to ripen, turning from dark green to the ripe, vibrant orange which epitomises Halloween. David grows more than three million pumpkins each year in almost 500 acres of land but even he has never seen anything like this before.

It might sound like a line from a Disney fairy tale, but the pumpkins were grown using a seed variety called Cinderella. The name for these particular pumpkins is due to their resemblance to the ones that Cinderella’s fairy godmother transformed into a carriage in the classic Disney animation.

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