Fed up with kids throwing large stones

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I am fed-up with the behaviour of some children who live around the Woodgate Road area in Leverington.

They seem to find it amusing to pick up quantities of large stones from the driveways and throw them about.

On Saturday afternoon I saw them pick some up from my elderly neighbour’s driveway and throw them about.

When they had gone I went outside and picked up two or three stones from the road. What if one of them had gone through a driver’s windscreen?

Leverington resident


Buy local and regularly

I follow the age-old tradition of lazily reading the newspapers on Sunday; although the habit of spreading the newspapers on the floor and kneeling over them has given way to reading online.

I found an article by Joanna Blythman telling us how deeply in decline the “big four supermarkets” find themselves –Tesco are suffering a 92 per cent decline in profits.

Joanna explains that we are doing ourselves no favours by habitually shopping at the local supermarket.

There is a myth that “they are in my area” (they are not, most are in out of town business parks, making it necessary to take the car – environmentally unfriendly) and they are cheap (no they are not, read on).

If Aldi can sell you a kilo of satsumas for 98p, why does Tesco want you to pay £2.50 a kilo?

Do not be fooled by loyalty cards and vouchers; they are a cheap ploy aimed at tying you to use one supermarket. If you must use supermarkets, shop around.

I am sure you will share my shock at learning that UK supermarkets routinely put a minimum mark up of 30 per cent on every item. This is particularly true when you buy fruit and vegetables

Let us do the maths (figures rounded up so I can do the sums).

Carrots leave the farm at, say, £5 per kilo but when you buy them at the checkout, the price has become £6.50.

Wisbech is blessed with a market place. I regularly buy fresh, cheap vegetables from one of the stalls. Even the meat is a good buy, perhaps a tad more expensive but it comes along much shorter supply chain.

The answer is simple – buy local and buy as often as you can.

Madeleine Forster

Waterlees Road



Which side is Farage on?

Reading the national press I am prompted to ask “Which side is Nigel Farage really on?”

I refer to the demand that Britain pay £1. 7 billion into the black hole of which is the EU budget by the first of December; the EU executive teams this as a ‘top up budget payment’.

David Cameron has heroically defended Britain saying that we will not pay!

The response, in a telephone phone-in for LBC, by that professed Europhobes, Farage, was “of course we will pay up, these are the rules. There is nothing he (Cameron) can do.”

I am sure that many of you will agree when I say that Farage should be supporting Cameron’s stand.

Farage makes the most of having an MP in Westminster and dreams of increasing this number.

Will the British people, particularly those of us in Wisbech, vote for a party whose leader is a political turncoat?

Dream on, Nigel, the people of Clacton voted for a man (Douglas Carsewel) they know and respect, not for Ukip.

Well done David Silver. You have really “hit the nail on the head”. Let us hope that the nail is the final one in the Ukip coffin!

Over the years I have seen Ukip transform from a sensible party, protesting against our membership of the EU, into a xenophobic monster.

This is one reason why I left Ukip – I was treasurer of the North Cambs Branch before the majority of the present members in Wisbech had even heard of the party!

LLoyd Forster

Waterlees Rd



Elm Ward staff praised

After just being discharged from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn following a complete knee joint operation, I must thank all of the staff in Elm Ward for all the care and attention you have given me.

After reading some of the negative reports, I must say I couldn’t have received any better care. This includes the cleaning staff right through to all of the personal care of the medical and non-medical staff.

Thank you once again.

Mrs B A Taylor

Pippin Gardens