Fen Tsunamis

IN my letter referring to the Japanese Tsunami and that Tsunamis of a kind happened in the Wash area (Citizen March 23), I stated in comparative terms that Marshland was subjected to floods caused by the Aegar, a natural force which inundated vast areas of marsh and fen.

The devastation by inflow of rivers and sea in the Marshland centuries ago was equally as calamitous as the Tsunami and left in its wake destruction many miles inland.

The exact location of Dalpoon is unknown except that it lay within the area adjacent to the sea and like some other communities was wiped out by an inflow of water.

Flooding in the Marshland was a frequent occurrence. Some communities survived sufficiently to continue in existence. Other communities were deemed an uneconomical failure and were not re-occupied.

It is recorded that on one occasion near Holbeach hundreds of years ago, a fishing vessel caught by the sudden surge of the sea was deposited on the roof of a house (similar to the Tsunami effect in Japan). The sailor rescued a pregnant woman from her bedroom.

Thank you Beryl Jackson for your observations.