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Fenland police crack down on school parking problems

Fenland police tackle speeding and illegal parking around the area's schools _yNIwNyLkwI7EsDqj4gE
Fenland police tackle speeding and illegal parking around the area's schools _yNIwNyLkwI7EsDqj4gE

Police have clamped down on motorists who speed and park illegally around Fenland schools.

Officers organised a crack-down around Leverington Primary Academy and Elm Primary School on Wednesday last week.

Teams were on patrol around the schools after concerns had been raised by parents.

During the day, a total of 10 speeding tickets were issued and one vehicle was seized for having no insurance or MOT.

Insp Alan Boughen is hoping the patrols will encourage motorists to drive appropriately around schools.

He said: “The police activity was in response to local community concerns.

“The main focus was to ensure that children can get to school safely without risk of injury.

“I would encourage anyone who uses vehicles to take their children to school to park sensibly and to consider the risks that could be presented by parking illegally or inappropriately.”

One of the groups calling for action around the schools was Leverington Road Safety Campaign.

Members of the group highlighted the problem in the Fenland Citizen two weeks ago.

The group was formed amid fears a child will be seriously injured due to parking around the school.

Members of the campaign have voiced concerns that the view of drivers coming around the bend is obscured by the parked cars.

They are calling on other parents to stop leaving their cars on the single yellow lines in front of the Wisbech Road site.

The group also wants to see double yellow lines laid in front of the school, along with some bollards on the grass verges to prevent parking.

They would also like to see a 20mph speed limit brought into force in front of the school.

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