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Fenland property set for a stable 2015

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When a New Year starts there are lots of predictions and the world of property is one of many subjects that often has a mention in this annual ritual.

Being involved in helping so many people move home we can’t help but be caught up in this little game, and we suppose we do have more of an insight into what will happen more than most men in the street.

Looking at all the predictions from large estate agents, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and large lenders, it seems that 2015 isn’t going to be a year of boom or bust for the property market here. The tabloids won’t thank us for saying this but it all looks quite unremarkable.

Those comments aren’t the most headline grabbing, but in the UK we have an obsession with property and here in the Fens this is no different, so it is worth saying.

All the indications should mean a year when there remains trust and confidence in property and thankfully that should benefit the whole economy.

Most of the experts have predicted slow rises and this should mean many moves during the year to be more based on lifestyle needs rather than anything else.

A stable housing market means people move for the right reasons, which is good to see.

A few years ago when property was rising at an astronomical rate it created a very strange environment and we can only hope the effects of the relatively recent recession has meant people have learnt lessons.

What will remain so for those moving in 2015 is the sure knowledge that a property purchase is a highly stressful matter and those involved need to make sure they don’t cut corners.

Buying a house is in all likelihood the most expensive acquisition you will ever make so don’t skimp on cheap conveyancing which is dealt with in a call centre environment hundreds of miles away.

Good conveyancing in the scheme of a property purchase is relatively cheap and can give you assurances that everything has been done correctly. It prevents some nasty shocks and it is well worth ensuring you have that peace of mind.

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