Fenland’s top babies’ names for 2010

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ONE of the hardest decision’s parents have to make is choosing a name for their newborn baby.

And it gets harder every year as more and more unusual names coming in.

Of course whatever you choose your child will have to put up with for the rest of their life - although some offspring of the rich and famous have refused to stick with their given name.

Zowie Bowies swapped his whacky moniker given by parents David and Angie Bowie for the more sedate Duncan Jones.

Brand names, objects, towns and surnames have all become increasingly popular as choices with parents and in Fenland some families have not let the trend pass them by.

But while there are the more unusual such as Elwood, Kailan and Chester for the boys and River, Minnie and Addison for the girls this year’s top choices are both traditional.

As in past years there are no clear and out favourites, there were several names that proved a hit with local parents.

For the boys the top name was Jake, with Alfie, Harry and Jayden all close runners-up.

For the girls there were four top names: Emily, Isabelle, Imogen and Lacey.

Local parents of boys seem to have followed the national trend with two of the top choices also featuring in the top three nationally.

Top nationally is a past Fenland favourite - Jack - with Harry and Alfie in second and third place respectively.

For the girls Fenland’s favourite Emily was ranked third behind Olivia and Ruby. Isabelle came in at number 12 nationally.

For the second year running James proved the top middle followed closely by John, William and Stephen. Both John and William were in the top three for Fenland’s second names last year.

Among the more unusual middle names was Rocky.

For the girls it was deja vu also with May coming in top as the favoured middle name jointly with Louise, which always makes the top five locally for a second name.

The more unusual included Mirabelle, Rosina, Florence and Ebony.

Tydd St Mary couple Alice and Rickie Trundle chose Jake for their second son, who was born in September.

Alice said they had taken three days to decide on a name and chose Jake because they liked it and it goes well with their two-year-old’s name Joshua.

Jake was given the middle name Henry, which Alice explained was after her granddad.

March couple Julie and Ian Smith named their fifth child and third daughter Emily, who was born in July.

Julie explained they liked traditional names and chose Emily as it went well with their other four children’s names: Jack (7), Joe (6) and twins Amy and Chloe.

Emily’s middle name of Ann - which has been a top choice in Fenland in the past - is a family name with Julie having it as her second name.

Some parents appear to have taken the world of sport and entertainment as inspiration for their off-spring’s names with choices such as J Maddox (Maddox - adopted son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) Lacey (Eastenders’ actress Lacey Turner).