Fens are the backdrop for new novel by Peterborough author

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A dying man’s journey through the Fens is the focus of a new book.

Former magazine editor Neil Patrick’s latest novel, Just Dying To Tell, fulfills an ambition to write about the Fens.

The book follows a motley crew of riders as they cycle to Norwich and tells the story of self-centred Sniffer, who hopes that the sentimental journey through the Fens will take his mind off a terrible secret that he cannot share.

Mr Patrick, who lives in Peterborough, said of his inspiration: “I came across the description of the 18th century pleasure in Peterborough Reference Library. It took place in 1774 when a flotilla of 11 boats manned by aristocrats and their servants, explored Whittlesey Mere and other Fen waters.

“I’m hoping that the humour in Just Dying To Tell contrasts with the pathos of Sniffer’s inner struggle to reveal all before he dies.”