Festival refunds are now on hold

MATTHEW Broadfield, promoter of the failed Fenland festival, has put all ticket refunds on hold claiming he is taking legal action against a security firm he blames for cancellation of the event.

Mr Broadfield, who left March within days of announcing the event was cancelled, claims to be taking action against the security firm he hired to run the festival, which was due to be held onAaugust 27.

In an email, Mr Broadfield who had previously claimed to have repaid most ticket holders, said: “All refunds are on hold until after the court case against the security firm, who decided not to turn up causing me to cancel. Hopefully I can show them to be accountable and recoup my losses.”

But Martin Jackson from McKenzie Arnold Security Services said the only contact they have had from Mr Broadfield is an email and he said his firm is still awaiting payment for work they did in helping obtain the necessary licence prior to the aborted festival.

Mr Jackson said: “Myself and a colleague attended Fenland Hall in regard to this matter on two separate occasions assisting Matthew in his application for a licence so that the event could go ahead.

“Unfortunately after the licence was granted, Matthew was unable to meet his obligations to McKenzie Arnold under our standard terms and conditions. Matthew was fully aware of all his obligations in this matter. McKenzie Arnold accepts no responsibility for the cancelling of this event. McKenzie Arnold is currently pursuing Matthew for costs in regard to this matter.”