Festive misery set to end marriages, warns law experts

Akhil Choudhury, family law expert at Bowser, Ollard and Bentley.
Akhil Choudhury, family law expert at Bowser, Ollard and Bentley.
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Warring couples will be parting ways early in 2014 after Christmas pressures bring problems to a head claims a leading Fenland law firm.

Akhil Choudhury, head of family law at Bowsers said that the winter break will be short on festive cheer for some.

“We can expect January and February to be the busiest time for our family law department as the strain of Christmas will be the final straw for many troubled marriages,” said Mr Choudhury.

“A combination of factors makes Christmas an especially volatile time,” he added. “There will be drink fuelled rows, and just simply a dawning where some couples believe they need a new life,” he said

“There are many factors which lead to a marriage break-up, but at a time of the year when people are meant to be happy the misery of a bad relationship proves intolerable for some” added Mr Choudhury, whose firm have offices in Wisbech and March.

He called on those in troubled relationships to seek help early on in the process of separation.

“Break ups are one of the most distressing periods for couples, and acrimony and bitterness can soon take over, but we urge all those in this situation to seek professional legal help early as experts will guide them sympathetically through the process in what is a damage limitation exercise,” he said.

Office for National Statistics data statistics showed 42 per cent of marriages, 117,558 ended in divorce in the UK, in 2011, the last figures on record, which continued a recent downward trend since peaks in the 1990s.

However, Mr Choudhury said the statistics were distorted due to less marriages taking place.

“Divorce is more socially acceptable now than in the past and so is unmarried couples cohabiting, so this has to be taken into consideration when looking at figures,” he said.

“The only statistics we look at are how busy we are and this is an area of law which continues to keep us very busy,” he added.