Find out more about what your council does and how your money is spent

Do you wonder ‘how is my precept money spent?’, Or ‘what difference does it make?’ Or even ‘what exactly does the Town Council do?’hen Then read on: On Tuesday May 21, Chatteris Town Council will be holding the Annual Town Open Meeting in the annexe at the King Edward Centre, from 7pm.

This will give you the chance to meet the councillors and to see a short presentation on previous accomplishments and goals already achieved by the Town Council and to discuss what the future holds.

Part of this presentation will also feature people from various community groups who have already benefitted from the Council’s support, but most importantly it is the chance for you to say what you would like to see happen in Chatteris.
This is the result of work carried out by a small group of councillors who, in their spare time, have been developing a strategy to better communicate the Council’s activities to the public.

This is a key element of ‘Quality Council’ status which Chatteris Town Council is currently working towards.

It is also an area where councillors felt there is room for improvement and they decided to proactively deal with the shortfall.
All Chatteris residents will be warmly welcomed – there will even be some Thai food on offer to spice things up.