Firefighter’s reward for honest pair

AN off-duty firefighter wants to thank a couple of good Samaritans who returned his wallet after he lost it at a Wisbech garage.

The firefighter, who does not want to be named, inadvertently left his wallet on top of his car after filling up at Tesco in Cromwell Road at lunchtime on Wednesday.

He only realised what he had done when he reached the home of a relative in Murrow.

“I went home to see if someone had popped it through my letter box and also rang the police to see if it had been handed in. I then went back to Tesco and I have to say they were really helpful.

“They let me look at the CCTV and it was all there. Me putting the wallet on the roof, me driving off, my wallet falling as I went and two men picking it up.

“You could see everything so clearly. I went home and started to make phone calls to cancel all my cards. I was getting a bit bogged down and realised I was going to be late for work. When I called to say what had happened they told me two men had dropped my wallet off earlier in the afternoon. Work hadn’t been able to get hold of me because my phone was busy,” explained the firefighter.

“Obviously when they opened my wallet they saw my work ID card and decided to take it to the fire station. I am so grateful for their honesty and would love to buy them a crate or two of beer to say thank-you, but they didn’t leave their names,” he said.

“I would ask them to contact the fire station so I can thank them properly and buy them some beer,” he added.