Fires, road incidents and arson numbers fall – fire service

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The total number of incidents attended by Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service dropped by 17 per cent, annual figures reveal.

Statistics produced by the Service for the year ending March 31, 2013, show there were 6,862 incidents – a 17 per cent drop on the previous year’s figure of 8,314.

The total number of fires fell 35 per cent from 2,591 to 1,673, with primary fires – those fires in buildings, vehicles and outdoor structures or any fire involving casualties, rescued or fires attended by five or more crews – down 15.7 per cent (893 this year, compared with 1,059 last year). Secondary fires – those attended by four or fewer crews, not at a primary location, not a chimney fire in an occupied building and not involving casualties – dropped by a staggering 52 per cent (704 this year, compared with 1,468 last year).

The Service is extremely pleased to announce the number of deliberate fires dropped by 37.8 per cent, from 924 last year to 575 this year.

A reduction has also been seen in road traffic collisions attended by the Service, with a decrease of 6.6 per cent, from 463 last year to 432 this year. A 10 per cent fall has been recorded for the number of false alarms (from 4,564 to 4,101) as well as a drop in the total number of special services attended by CFRS – down 5.7 per cent from 696 to 656.

As more residents’ awareness of fire safety in the home increases, the number of accidental dwelling fires has fallen from 253 last year to 242 this year – a reduction of 4.3 per cent – and the same pattern is reflected for nondomestic property fires, with a drop of 11 per cent from 189 to 168.

A 20 per cent reduction has also been recorded in the number of malicious false alarms attended – down to 123 this year from 155 the previous year.

Graham Stagg, Chief Fire Officer, said: “The Fire Authority has put tremendous effort and investment into reducing risk across the community.

“These figures are testament to the work done by all CFRS staff during a difficult period. Their professionalism has been maintained, as has our core objective of reducing risk across the community, and they are to be congratulated.

“It’s very clear that our growing presence on social media and the internet is having an impact in the way we communicate with different sections of the community in getting our safety message across. We will continue our efforts

and continue to see improvement in the future.”