Firewalking school opening

Steve Consalvez has opened the UK's first dedicated firewalking school in Thorney.
Steve Consalvez has opened the UK's first dedicated firewalking school in Thorney.

People will be able to walk on fire, walk barefoot across broken glass and break arrows with their throat when a new academy opens in Thorney.

Steve Consalvez is the only person in the country to have been trained to master level by the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (FIRE) and is opening the UK’s only dedicated firewalking academy.

He plans to run a series of Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) and ‘Empowerment Intensive’ events.

During the training, people learn not only how to walk on fire and safely run their own events, but also how to walk barefoot across broken glass, break arrows with their throats and a host of other seemingly impossible activities.

Steve is setting out to teach others to run their own firewalks, as well as taking part in what he believes to be the “world’s most successful empowerment course”.

Not only will graduates be able to run empowerment and charity events, but they’ll come away with a whole new mindset, increased confidence and knowledge of just how brilliant they are, he claims.

Steve said: “What people get from The Empowerment Intensive and Firewalk Instructor Training is an array of challenging experiences, stacked one upon another, in such a way that people realise the possibilities of their potential in just four days. At the end of four days, they have a sense of confidence and personal empowerment that no other course in the world can provide.”

FIRE teams from the US have already been over to run ‘FIT’ programmes at the centre, and now Steve has been given the thumbs up to go it alone and officially offer the FIT and Empowerment Intensive courses in the UK.

Now raring to go, Steve believes the courses will change lives.

“Many of our delegates are just so awed by the experience that when they leave they immediately change their lives and make decisions about what they will do from here on. Many attendees write books, turn to teaching, or simply just go ahead and do all the things they always really wanted.”

Steve added: “I want people to understand just how awesome they are and just how ludicrous some of the fears and feelings that hold them back are too. It’s not that people will go away and succeed every time, it’s that life throws you opportunities, not obstacles, and sometimes you have to grab and sometimes you have to let go. We just help people let go of the things that they realise are pathetic and unimportant, and help them to become determined and confident.”

The first Firewalk Instructor Training and Empowerment Intensive training of 2013 will take place May 23-26 in Thorney, near Peterborough. To book or find out more, call 01733-849999 or email