Flooding in Cavalry Drive, March
Flooding in Cavalry Drive, March

FED-up March residents are asking for action to stop flash flooding in roads across the town.

Saturday’s heavy deluge left a number of roads flooded as the gullies and drains failed to cope with the huge amount of water left by the downpour.



Citizen readers reported their concerns about the ability for the town’s drainage system to cope with heavy rainfall via the March Cambridgeshire Free Voice Facebook page.

Leading the way was Andy Towning who uploaded a series of pictures taken in Cavalry Drive. He told the Citizen there had been issues with roads flooding on the Cavalry Estate for many years and that efforts to clear out gullies had not solved the problem.

“It happens every time we have a heavy down pour, but it is equally bad if we have persistent rain - it just builds up.

“They do come and clean out the gullies from time to time, but it doesn’t seem to help. There needs to be some proper investigation as I think it is down to a problem with the connecting pipes and not stuff accumulating in the gullies,” he explained.



Karen Poole, whose Cavalry Drive home was actually flooded a few years ago, said she is frustrated with not being able to get a proper answer to the cause. She was among those to submit pictures of Saturday’s flooding.

She said Highways, the county council and Anglian Water had passed the buck, blaming each other for the problems, but she fears her home could be flooded again if nothing is down.

And the problem doesn’t seem to be confined to the Cavalry area with Tracey Dickerson reporting similar issues in Elwyn Road, particularly near Leesons shop and David Warner commented that Knights End Road was like ‘a river’ on Saturday evening.

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “We are sorry to hear about the flooding. We will of course investigate, but the situation may not be straight forward.

“An initial look at the maps of our sewer network shows that we do not have any surface water sewers on this estate between the primary school and Upwell Road. This indicates they are privately owned and not part of Anglian Water’s network.

“However, a change in the law last year meant that on October 1 Anglian Water was handed responsibility for 30,000km of formerly private pipes like these, which are not shown on any maps.

“Many other surface water sewers, those that discharge into water courses without connecting to our network at any point, remain private and are the responsibility of their owners.

“We will carry out an investigation to discover the location and ownership of the surface water sewers in this part of Cavalry Drive. If they prove to be our responsibility then they will be mapped and any necessary work carried out.”