Floral planters problem

A MEMBER of Wisbech In Bloom Committee is hoping for an amicable future solution to the problem of floral planters on Wisbech Market Place.

The planters had been removed by Fenland Council for replanting and replacing back on the Market Place. However, since ownership of the Market Place now belongs to the Town Council, the planters had not been automatically put back.

Erbie Murat, clerk to Wisbech Town Council, believes the six planters were furnishings and part of the £1 Market Place deal.

But Fenland say they are owned and maintained by the district council.

The Town Council has now paid for the planters for this year and wants to know who authorised the removal.

In response, Fenland has said: “There is no mention of them in the agreement signed when the Market Place was handed over to the town council.

“The £675 charge that has been mentioned is not to purchase the planters, but to cover the costs involved in providing compost and plants, planting up, placing in location, watering and maintenance through the summer months from June to September and their removal at the end of September or early October.”

Long-standing In Bloom member Penny Stocks believes it was a “misunderstanding all round”.

Penny said she hopes for an amicable solution for next year now that everyone is aware of the situation.

“We would have been upset if we could not have them.

“We need to make that central area as bright and attractive as possible. We do our bit with the baskets and other areas and we didn’t have funding to buy them (the planters) back.”

Added Penny: “Hopefully there can be some amicable way of sorting this out for next year.”