Floral tributes stolen from grave

A FAMILY have been left upset after the second theft of arrangements from a grave in Elm Cemetery.

A basket of flowers left on the grave was taken two or three months ago and then a heavier tub of violas was taken more recently.

Carole Dack wrote to the Citizen hoping to prick the guilty person’s conscience when she asked if anyone had received the tub to please leave it inside the cemetery gates so it could be replaced on her dad’s grave.

She said her dad loved gardening and that is why the family always leave baskets or tub tributes.

After the first theft, the family deliberately used a tub which is heavier to lift in case the culprit was a child.

But they think it is unlikely to be a youngster in view of this latest incident.

What made this latest theft even more upsetting was the tub was taken during her dad’s birthday week.

The tub was on the grave on September 22 and the family think it was taken the following day. It was discovered missing on September 24.