Food drive at Sainsbury’s

WHILE shoppers might normally be expected to take food away from a supermarket, customers at Sainsbury’s March will soon be leaving food behind too.

The store, situated in Millview, is taking part in a unique one day food collection on Saturday, where customers will be asked to buy an extra item, which will then be delivered to local charities and community projects by the charity FareShare this Christmas.

The special one day food drive involving over 600 Sainsbury’s stores is being run in partnership with FareShare, the national food charity that addresses hunger in the UK by redistributing quality surplus food from the food industry to people who need it across the country.

Sainsbury’s has been working with FareShare since 1994 but this is the first time customers from all across the country are being asked to actively take part.

Sainsbury’s March participation comes after a successful trial in July involving 19 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. A total of 25.5 tonnes of food was collected from the three-day trial, contributing enough food to feed 60,000 people.

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare Chief Executive, said: “If food cannot be sold, but can be eaten, it should always go to people first.”

The ‘One Million Meal Appeal’ takes place on Saturday, November 26. Customers can choose from a variety of long-life items including tins (meat, fish, veg and fruit), dried pasta, rice, tea and instant coffee. The items are purchased as normal at the checkout and left in the food collection point at the end of the checkout area.