Football firm calls for sporting opportunities

MARCH firm Football Business – specialists in selling franchises in five and six a side football leagues – have called on the government to invoke the “Olympic spirit” and do more to offer sporting chances to youngsters.

The report the other week into the terrible riots of last year concluded that a lack of support and opportunity for young people was to blame for the trouble and as Football Business Spokesman Andy Rushton explained, a desire to help communities was what drove the firm on.

“There is little doubt that youngsters feel disaffected,” he said. “And whilst in no way should that excuse the terrible and disgraceful scenes that took place last summer, the fact that youngsters no longer feel part of their community in particular and wider society in general is no doubt a contributory factor.

“That is why we feel, as a proudly community based business, that the Government could do more to help youngsters through sport.”

According to Mr Rushton 2012 is a great year to start and he hailed the founder of modern Olympics Baron Pierre de Coubertin, as the shining example of what the firm was looking to achieve. “Baron de Coubertin – while he was in this country somewhat ironically - saw the values of sport in terms of discipline, community and enjoyment that it gave to youngsters, and somewhere along the way we lost sight of that. The Government must do more.

“Now, with the Olympics coming back to Britain for the first time in more than a generation, it gives us a great chance to re-think and refocus what we want for society. Working as we do with leagues that are right in the heart of the community we can see just how important the competition is to people, and trouble at our leagues is virtually nil.”

Football Business has deals in place with the biggest and best providers of five and six a side football to sell franchises to run leagues in local communities. They can be contacted on