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Fox cub found hiding under family’s sofa in Welney

Fox found at home in Welney. Photo: Fenland Animal Rescue.
Fox found at home in Welney. Photo: Fenland Animal Rescue.

Children often have nightmares about what might be lurking under furniture – but a woman in Welney got more of a shock than a scare when she found a fox under her sofa.

The young fox cub was discovered after the woman had noticed a smell in her living room and her cat acting suspiciously.

Fox found at home in Welney. Photo: Fenland Animal Rescue.
Fox found at home in Welney. Photo: Fenland Animal Rescue.

The cub was recovered by Fenland Animal Rescue, who said the woman had not realised she had a lodger until she looked under the furniture and noticed two eyes staring back at her.

A statement on the rescue charity’s Facebook said: “Our team attended and were able to recover the little one safely, however, it soon became apparent that he had been in the house for several days and had been without food or fluids throughout!

“In these situations it is imperative that the cubs are returned to their vixen where possible, so the team quickly set to work in an attempt to find its mother, or any trace of her.”

Despite the team’s efforts, the cub could not be returned to its mother and so he had to be admitted into the rescue centre’s care.

“On arrival, he was assessed by the veterinary team to ensure he had no serious injuries. Despite being seriously dehydrated, he still had a little energy left and this left us all hopeful!

“He received a course of fluid therapy to build his strength and was given a controlled diet to ensure we monitored his nutritional intake after being without food for several days, and once we were happy with his progress and overall health, he began several courses of medication to remove any internal and external parasites to allow him to grow to his full potential.”

The cub is now free from all infections and parasites, and has been moved to an outdoor pen so he can remain wild, but also so he can enjoy the space to play and explore.

“He will remain with ourselves and be fed a ‘natural’ diet to ensure he develops the skills needed in life, and once old enough, he will go on to continue his journey in the wild,” the statement adds.

“Orphan season has seen nearly three times as many callouts this year, with our team responding to multiple incidents daily.”

Fenland Animal Rescue is a voluntary service run in Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire.

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