Fraud prevention and detection

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Fenland District Council is taking part in the National Fraud Initiative (NFI), a regular exercise aimed at preventing and detecting fraud by sharing and matching information held by local authorities and central government agencies and departments.

Every English local government body is required by law to participate in the exercise, which is carried out by the Audit Commission.

It plays a vital role in ensuring that taxpayers’ money is not wrongly paid to people who knowingly cheat the system. Last year the programme helped trace £203 million nationally in fraud, errors and overpayments and since it was launched in 1996, it has helped detect £1.17 billion.

This month (October) the Commission will be sent relevant personal information of anyone who is employed by a council or school, receives a pension from the council, registered for council tax, receives housing benefit or has recently submitted an insurance claim to the council.

Details will also be forwarded of anyone who holds a blue badge, a personal licence to supply alcohol, a market trader licence, a taxi-driver licence, a concessionary travel pass or a resident’s parking permit.

• For a full list of information to be shared and more details of the exercise, visit

• Fenland District Council’s Fair Processing Notice can be found at